Every single Fabulart art piece is completely identified by data that resides on the Blockchain.

Consulting the Blockchain, everyone can verify crucial information such as the current owner, the date of release/purchase and the author of any NFT luxury piece. You can also be sure of the number of pieces every collection contains.

As art forged by Fabulart has become very rare and exclusive, before buying any luxury item made by us from any third-party please be careful and check the policy ID of the NFT. If the Policy ID is not one of ours, it’s surely a scam and you shouldn’t acquire the item.

The following table contains all the necessary information about Fabulart collections:

CollectionSeriesPiecesReleasedPolicy ID
RoleggsInceptum1-100 of 2000YES6c6a05ed80d176afc9965d51c9d2490dbfde6f560a0c04c970872248
RoleggsImpetus101-200 of 2000YES203d8bd5a7b74780228964d6dfdd7d37946b22df6e5496722b2fc92e
RoleggsUnseggs201-300 of 2000YES203d8bd5a7b74780228964d6dfdd7d37946b22df6e5496722b2fc92e
RoleggsSymposium301-400 of 2000YES203d8bd5a7b74780228964d6dfdd7d37946b22df6e5496722b2fc92e
RoleggsValkyria401-500 of 2000YES203d8bd5a7b74780228964d6dfdd7d37946b22df6e5496722b2fc92e

The official utility token of FabulArt $fab has the following policy id: a1c1e3811c5adb591e026164a519eaf3d2708ee02e5712f891f80b78