Yes, otherwise they wouldn’t be real NFTs: the token which proves your ownership is stored on the Cardano blockchain which will last (at least) for decades; The images and models of your NFTs are stored on which is a decentralized database that no one can really own; we are also working on a free desktop app to allow you to interact with your NFTs without the need to use Fabulart online Showrooms.

Every single Fabulart art piece contains all the necessary information for distinguishing between precious authentic art pieces and fake copies that hold no value.

First of all the luxury item (the NFT) must be present on the Blockchain. If it’s not visible on it then it’s surely a fake art piece.

In the metadata of every NFT you can also see the Policy ID used for creating (“minting”) that NFT on the Blockchain as part of the original collection. You can then compare this unique value with the official ones that you can see at this page .

When still in doubt, please feel free to contact us for assistance by our art experts!

NFT objects are univocally represented by tokens on the Cardano blockchain. The metadata that defines your NFT is on-chain (in the minting transaction of the token) and it includes the link to IPFS that allows you to download your NFT. IPFS stores data in an immutable way and it’s forever retrievable.

Fabulart NFTs are created, sold and traded on the Cardano blockchain, one fo the most solid alternatives to Ethereum.

Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are blockchain tokens that easily and securely demonstrate the ownership of objects by users. They are used to create and own digital art as we do in Fabulart.

When you buy an NFT from Fabulart, the unique token that contains the information about your NFT is sent to your wallet. This token contains all the necessary information to completely identify your NFT and an IPFS link to download your art piece as GLB file is included. You can then grab this file and drop it on any GLB viewer such as .

You can also immediately see and interact your 3D NFTs on the respective page on , AR/VR is also supported! If you want to find your NFTs on you can simply search your wallet address in the search bar and you will see all of them.

Finally, Fabulart is working on personal showrooms where you can place your exclusive art pieces, interact with them and invite friends to admire your precious collection, stay tuned for more info about this!

As Fabulart NFTs reside on Cardano’s blockchain, you need to use one of the official wallets: