NFTs are indestructible digital objects that can only be owned by a single person at any point in time. The ownership of any NFT is proven by a public distribuited ledger called Blockchain.

Using this secure and revolutionary mechanism, Fabulart creates and releases real digital art pieces that can be acquired exactly like classic art. There are huge benefits in owning digital art NFTs: for example they cannot be directly stolen nor they can be ruined by poor preservation and the passing of time.

Fabulart artists create and release unique hand-made digital art pieces following a secure and strict protocol. 

At the beginning, our digital artisans get inspired by events and other renowned artistic movements to project a new unique art piece or collection.

They then consume their unique vision and knowledge to forge their ideas in high-quality digital models. This process can take from some weeks to several months for each single work.

At this state, the artistic process is completed but no one can yet safely own any of these art pieces. This is where our Blockchain engineers step in.

The art pieces are uploaded on a public distributed database called which assures their perennial persistence and availability. The result is an unique link that directly points to each art piece.

Finally our engineers create a new NFT (a process technically called “minting”) on the appropriate Blockchain. The NFT is a one-of-a-kind token containing information that can never be edited: Fabulart NFTs contain several fields to correctly describe the art piece and one of them is the link that directly points to the model.

The owner of the NFT token is automatically the owner of the art piece and anyone can freely consult the Blockchain to know or prove this ownership.

As our digital art is made of NFTs, anyone can store his/her collection in a secure Blockchain wallet and eventually sell and trade each single piece.

Digital Art is a natural evolution of the human need to express what we feel inside and as technology keeps advancing the demand of Fabulart art pieces is exponentially increasing.

For more specific information you can also refer to the official FAQs or directly contact us.