This is a step by step guide for people who’d like to purchase and own Fabulart digital art pieces but don’t have a safe knowledge about blockchain and NFTs.
Please follow this guide carefully and you’ll own Fabulart best pieces in no time.

1. Introduction

Let’s briefly explain how digital art works:
The blockchain is a public ledger that cannot be modified by anyone and each user is represented by his/her wallet. Each wallet is identified by its address – which is an unique alphanumerical string – and contains the user amount of owned cryptocurrencies.

Owning a digital art piece means owning the corresponding NFT (Non Fungible Token) which is a token written on the blockchain containing all the data of the item along with the address of the owner’s wallet.

In other words, purchasing a Fabulart digital art piece means receiving a token on the blockchain that demonstrates to everybody that you are actually the exclusive owner of that specific artwork.

You’ll then be able to download your art, visualize it in 3D and do whatever you prefer with it included selling it to other art lovers.

Fabulart produces digital art on the Cardano blockchain and Cardano’s currency is called ADA. In order to buy any of our art pieces you’ll need one of the officially supported wallets and the correct amount of Ada for the actual purchase.

2. Wallet Setup

First of all, let’s setup the digital wallet used to pay and receive the art pieces you like.

As we are on the Cardano blockchain, you’ll need to choose one of the following official wallets:

We highly suggest to use Nami Wallet as it is made of an open-source Chrome extension that can be easily used to interact with web pages in real time.

Nami Wallet is very simple to setup, just download the Chrome extension from the official website and follow the configuration guide.

3. Where to buy ADA

Now that you have a personal wallet where you can purchase and own NFTs, you need some ADA, Cardano’s currency, in order to buy art.

You can get any needed amount of ADA in any of the many existing cryptocurrencies exchanges. You basically convert your country’s currency in ADA and then use it to buy NFTs.

The most famous exchanges are Binance, Coinbase and Kraken.
Just choose your favorite one, sign up and buy the amount of ADA you want.

You should then transfer your ADA from the exchange to your personal wallet.
On Binance for example this is done using the Withdraw option, please follow this official guide and remember that you are transferring ADA on the Cardano blockchain into your personal wallet.

If you’re using Nami Wallet, you can know the receiving address of your wallet clicking Receive and copying the alphanumerical string that appears:

4. How to buy a Fabulart NFT

At this point you should have your personal wallet containing enough ADA to buy the Fabulart art pieces you enjoy most.

Let’s go into Fabulart Boutique and select the art pieces we want. If you click on any item you will see all the information about it and the buttons “Buy now” and “Add to Cart”:

The first button allows you to buy immediately the art piece before anyone interested does while the second button adds to your cart that item so you can select all the pieces you like before going into your cart and do the checkout.

Please note that you won’t see the two Buy buttons if the artwork you selected has already been sold.

You can choose which kind of Buy to use but in both cases at the end you’ll be redirected at the same checkout page.
In this page the total amount of ADA to pay is calculated along with the list of artpieces you’re going to purchase:

An alphanumerical wallet address is generated for you and this is the receiving address where you must send the required amount of ADA to complete the purchase.

Please note that you’ll have 8 minutes to send the correct amount of ADA and – if no mistakes have been made – after this amount of time you will automatically receive the chosen art NFTs in your personal wallet.

If any problem arises, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

5. Viewing and downloading your NFT

A minimal preview of all your Fabulart NFTs should be visible in your personal wallet.

If you want to see your collection with the highest quality and being able to interact with each single piece, please try your Private Exposition. Just put your wallet address in the page to load all your Fabulart NFTs in a 3D interactive viewer:

As an alternative, you can go on and paste your wallet address to see all your available NFTs. For each of them you’ll see an interactive preview and all the available metadata:

Following the link available in your NFT metadata, you can also download your NFT object (3D model, image, audio, etc.) and use it in any way you prefer.

If you have any other question you can refer to the official FAQs or directly contact us.