Where can I view and interact with my NFTs (digital art)?

When you buy an NFT from Fabulart, the unique token that contains the information about your NFT is sent to your wallet. This token contains all the necessary information to completely identify your NFT and an IPFS link to download your art piece as GLB file is included. You can then grab this file and drop it on any GLB viewer such as modelviewer.dev .

You can also immediately see and interact your 3D NFTs on the respective page on pool.pm , AR/VR is also supported! If you want to find your NFTs on pool.pm you can simply search your wallet address in the search bar and you will see all of them.

Finally, Fabulart is working on personal showrooms where you can place your exclusive art pieces, interact with them and invite friends to admire your precious collection, stay tuned for more info about this!